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For many of us Indonesia is a favourite travel destination. Indonesia is blessed with thousands of beautiful islands that will leave you spoiled for choice.It also has some of the friendliest people you’ll meet, so to fully enjoy your trip we suggest picking up some basic words in Bahasa Indonesia, you’ll be glad to know that the Bahasa language is pretty easy to master! Here’s why:

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Kembali Villas has 2 SPECIAL packages on offer.  

honeymoon. See the exciting package offer

August Special. Stay at Non Peak rate



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New Website

Kembali Villas in Bali now have a completely new website. We have redesigned the site to make it work better for you using the latest software applicable to both search engines and social media sites.

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Huffington Post

Reflections From Bali: The Island of God

It's difficult not to breathe in beauty, splendor, and awe when in Bali. It surrounds you and is all-encompassing. No matter what you believe in, there is a closeness you feel to God, the Universe, Source or something much bigger than just you, and you're reminded how we are all connected to that Being-ness. It has a way of bringing you back to your essence -- the being that is you...

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Kembali Villas now have secure online credit card payment processing for accommodation

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About time and from their comments well received by our guests and friends. The Kembali Restaurant Guide now in sections, Fine Dining, Beach Front and Other Restaurants.

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Mobile website

Now it's easier for mobile users to connect to Kembali Villas in Bali.  If you have an internet accessible mobile try the Kembali mobile site when you log into our normal website

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We support Bali Pink Ribbon

Kembali Villas is proud to be a supporter of the Bali Pink Ribbon cause promoting awareness of breast cancer for Bali women.

We have donated 3 nights accommodation in one of our luxury 3 bedroom villas  to be auctioned by Bali Pink Ribbon  as part of the annual Pink Ribbon Walk in Nusa Dua on 28 April

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Happy Galungan & Kuningan

Every 210 days the Balinese people decorate their streets with ornate penjor and visit their special temples to celebrate Galungan and Kuningan.

This holiday is the most special and important time in Bali, but why do the Balinese celebrate Galungan and Kuningan? Read more...

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World Heritage for Bali

UNESCO on Friday, June 29, 2012, officially declared the subak irrigation and water distribution systems characterized by the picturesque rice terraces of western Bali as playing a central role in preserving Balinese culture.

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